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    What parents need to know Positive messagesTeamwork, determination, friendship, believing in oneself, hard work, forgiveness -- all these noble messages are woven through the movie. about. Plum was constantly cracking jokes and laughing throughout the whole journey. Please reload or try later. But when she comes up with a good idea, Strawberry assures her that there is no bad idea. Strawberry Shortcake (voice) Ashleigh Ball . LongFace into revealing the next chapter but to no use.


    As everyone begins to head to their new home, Blueberry notices Orange's drawing from earlier against a tree. LongFace remarks they are right on course. Blueberry attempts to come up with a rational solution to get Mr. and they only have 2 days! No one is happy by these events, as the girls are expressing their sadness, Mr. LongFace is on, begins to crumble! He falls but manages to grab a root nearby. The girls continue to prepare, making rope, sewing up fabric for the net, while Strawberry and the Berrykins find a suitable fallen branch. Strawberry decides the rock should be off limits in the mean time and they sit down nearby to wait for the berrykins. Its then Mr. But the others mourn the loss of the geyser stone and soon Strawberry breaks down in tears over the choice she had to make, and for putting her friends in danger.


    Thank you for your support.Read more . Also, the child-like characters many parents remember from childhood have been transformed into fashion-conscious, hair-flipping entrepreneurs, and may contribute to the tweenification of young girls. It shows to work fine until juice begins to gush everywhere! Strawberry doesn't appreciate the chaos there, and goes to stop it until a happy Raspberry manages to convince her otherwise, and she joins in on them celebrating anyway as the movie ends. Sure, forgiveness is a good thing, but it's also important to teach kids that it's OK to feel mad and tell people how you feel. Once they are both pulled up Mr. LongFace after he slides down the hill but as the girls convinced her to jump on a leaf to help, she learns that sometimes, immediate actionmust be taken. - Try some alternative or substitute words.


    LongFace mentions they might have to settle down at their current spot as a new home, if they fail to locate the geyser stone. Raspberry Torte (voice) Janyse Jaud . But after they were put into danger she completely lost it and was unable to forgive herself for leading everyone in danger for nothing. Mr. After it ends, Strawberry makes an off-handed comment regarding what they would do if they should run out of the juice but everybody points out that without juice the city wouldn't have any power,then everybody would have to leave. LongFace if he's seen this stone, and he does confirm it so Strawberry decides they should try to locate it and they all agree to leave the following morning. LongFace sulking, so she tries to get him involved. cb1d4b00c6

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